- --- 2017! --- -

2017-01-01 05:26:57 by Phexonia

2017 is here, Everyone! I was so excited to be happy, and 2017 is AMAZING!

Let me know if you're excited, just comment it!

- --- 2017 Is coming! --- -

2016-12-31 01:24:42 by Phexonia

Hey Guys, I just wanna know that 2017 is Coming on January, And I'm so excited!

And are you Guys too excited for 2017? Well, Don't worry, Its Coming for January!

So, I'll see you on the next entry!

Making more arts.

2016-11-28 07:42:17 by Phexonia

Hey Everyone, So I know that i will make more arts better,

Cause' I'm an artist,

If you can see my 1 arts here, I'll upload more arts, 8-Bits, Characters, and etc.

And please, Don't hate my 1 arts ;-;